Incoming Transmission

HQ: Agent Singleton, we have reports of various disturbances within your area. The brutes you will be facing are armed and extremely dangerous. We’re sending reinforcements. 

Agent Singleton: No need Chief, I’ve got this! 

HQ: Well, you are the best agent we have, we have every confidence in your abilities. But we are sending additional ammunition to you as we speak. 

Agent Singleton: Keep your bullets chief. I’ve got a single magazine left to complete this mission. 

HQ: ARE YOU INSANE SINGLETON! That’s only one bullet per building! And there could be multiple enemies in there! 

Agent Singleton: One shot is all I need! 

HQ: Well I hope you know what you’re doing agent! Good luck out there! HQ out! 

Quick Bit of Helpful Info:

The rule of thumb for the walls, is that the bullet will penetrate interior walls, but not exterior. So the lighter coloured walls are interior walls, and the screen border is made of exterior walls.

About the Project

You are Johnny Singleton, a top class agent assigned to deal with multiple threats within the area. With the offer of reinforcements and additional ammo, Johnny refuses the aid from HQ, confident in his ability to take down his foes with ONLY ONE bullet. 

Your mission should choose to except it, is to eliminate all enemies on screen only using a single bullet. Ensure that your aim is true to take down your enemies, whilst using the environment to dictate the bullet’s path. But be warned! should you fail to eradicate all enemies at the same time, your cover will be blown and you’ll be forced to restart the level. Good luck out there agent! 

As part of a two-man team, myself and my wife Sare decided to participate in the “ONLY ONE” GMTK Game Jam 2019. We thought it would be a nice opportunity to build a project together, whilst giving both of us a chance to build our confidence. Sare has literally learn't how to wing her way through creating pixel art and use Asprite in 2 days! There’s been some stressful situations, but we both feel accomplished at what we managed to do. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we did making it!  


Bullettime 19 MB


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A wonderfully fun game with really pretty pixel art! Would love to see this turned into a full game! =D